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There are numerous benefits of meditation in ancient Indian history, but since the time I have discovered meditation my life has changed immensely…



What’s the no. 1 reason that leads to procrastination? It is called ‘Fear’, yes FEAR is the only big reason which lowers the self-esteem and makes you…


Creative Visualization

What is Creative Visualization? How does it work? Does it work? Should you do it? How often should you do it?


Personal Development

Take this Free Self Assessment Test. To aid those who wish to see themselves as they really are, the following list of questions has been prepared.


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We teach the best methods to relieve stress

Awesome methods are taught by our well known teachers and leaders to gain clarity and use stress to grow you so you can achieve your dreams and financial goals on your own terms. LEARN MORE 


We show you different types of meditations for you to have a better and more fulfilled life, with more mental peace you can do more good to yourself and the people around you.

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